2 Simple Steps On How To Get Ripped By Summertime

Published: 06th June 2009
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Summer is upon us and the time is here to chill out in the sun and relax at the beach. This means one thing for any serious weightlifter: It's time to take off your shirt and showcase your ripped physique that you have been working on all winter long. You want your friends to ask you how to get ripped and build muscle like you, but you can't very well answer them if you're walking around with a flabby, soft and smooth body. Hold on to your hat it's time to power into "ripped" mode.

Chances are if you were to ask a lot of weight lifters how to get ripped they would tell you that you need to increase the amount of reps and decrease the amount of weight you are lifting.

Are you really interested in learning how to finally get ripped? Do you want to know the facts behind lightweight vs heavy weight methods of building your physique?

Most of what you know about getting ripped is with out a question wrong. With no way to support these claims for using lower weight to create higher definition, it is important that you don't waste your time and energy performing exercises that won't get you any results

There is no way to spot reduce any areas of our body. To say you can't spot reduce fat in any one area would be an understatement. By doing countless sets of bench presses you can't magically burn the fat from only your chest area, that includes getting rid of man boobs.

Every time you go to workout and you lift that dumbbell, barbell or cable you want to think about stimulating as much of the muscle fiber to grow as is humanly possible. Forget about the magic weightlifting routines that will target specific muscles and force them to grow and become more ripped.

You want to know how to get ripped? Part of the equation is to train as hard as you can and begin using compound exercises to workout a larger portion of your body.

To define each muscle in your body and get that ripped physique you must lower the overall fat levels in your body. There are two ways you can do this effectively.

1) Change your diet

Reduce your calorie intake to 13 times your body weight and spread it out over 5 to 6 meals a day. This will naturally raise your body's metabolic rate and help to keep your body in a constant fat burning mode . Reduce the amount of sugar and saturated fats and start eating carbohydrates with low glycemic levels. It's also necessary to eat a lot of high quality protein at least five to six times a day. The rule of thumb is to only take in 30 grams of protein at any one time because your body will have a difficult time assimilating anymore than that. Your muscles need plenty of water to hydrate and lubricate your joints so make sure you drink plenty. It's all about the diet......I love my muscle building diet

2) It's time to do your cardio differently.

The age old ways to doing cardio for 30 to 40 minutes using a constant light intensity is over with. In order to get the most out of your cardio workouts and to minimize the muscle loss associated with a fat burning routine you need to focus on shorter and higher intensity cardio workouts. A great high intensity cardio workout would be doing wind sprints insted of the boring treadmill. This will improve your resting metabolic rate and will burn even more fat while maintaining the integrity of the muscle you have built over the months.

I suggest 4 - 6 high intensity cardio sessions each week, spaced at least 8 hours apart from your weightlifting workouts.

It couldn't get any easier than that!. Do you want to see what it's like to get ripped to shreds? Don't worry about using high reps and lightweight and start worrying about your diet and the intensity level of your cardio training. Don't lie to yourself thinking that by doing the same things again and again you will get different results.

All you need to do to learn how to get ripped for the summer is this:

1) Try compound exercises to build more muscle fibers in a broader area of your body for maximum muscular gains.

2) Change your diet and modify your cardio workouts to eliminate body fat and create visibly harder and more ripped muscles.

Case closed!

Start Today!! Set your sights on the prize and learn How You Can Get Ripped Too!!!

See you at the beach!!!

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