How Much Should I Really Pay For A Bicycle?

Published: 13th October 2009
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Millions of people worldwide are riding bikes, from the casual rider to the competitive athlete. The question you must face is what is the best bike for me. To help determine the best road bike for you there are several things you should consider first.

Why do I want to ride?

What price should I pay for a bike?

What differences are there between the lower and higher priced bikes?

Determining the reason why you want to ride a bicycle is very important and the reason why it is the first question we must ask ourselves. If you want to ride just as a casual once in a while thing then you may be able to get away with buying a low priced bicycle. Because you will not be riding as long or as hard you won't have to do as much maintenance. There will, however still be a certain amount of maintenance that will need to be done on the bicycle. You may not have a need for the upgraded components because you don't need to shave a few seconds off your times. The only caveat to this is that the lower priced bike with their lower quality components will likely wear out quicker and therefore need to be changed or repaired sooner.

The Tommaso Road Bike is a good example of a mid-range road bike that offers both quality and lower prices.

The price of the bike will also be a determining factor for many people when deciding the best road bicycle for them. Generally speaking an entry-level road bike will cost anywhere from 200 to 400 dollars depending on what bike you buy and where you buy it. This bicycle will suit you well as a casual cyclist because you won't be putting a lot of miles on the bike. You are better off buying a better bike if you plan on riding more than once or twice a week. Depending on the road bike and where you purchase it, a mid-range bicycle will cost between 500 and 1200 dollars. If your goals are to include cycling as part of your exercise program then you will want to buy a mid to high range road bike. You can pay up to 7000 dollars for a higher-range road bike with the lower end coming in at around 2000 dollars.

The difference between the low priced, mid-range price and the higher-range priced road bicycles are basically in the quality of the components of the bike. Many beginning riders won't notice how heavy his bike really is until he he sees his friend scream by him on the road with his 14 pound Tommaso with an upgraded derailleur and crank set. The novice may not even notice that he has to slow way down when he comes to the bend in the road at the bottom of the incline while the higher-ranged bike seems to glide effortlessly through the turn with speed and confidence.

This is only several examples that should have given you enough insight to help you choose your next road bike wisely. Knowledge is the important key if you are to choose the best road bike that meets both your short and long term goals. Choose wisely and go with a bike and a manufacturer that has proven over time to produce a quality bike in the three different price ranges.

As a cycling enthusiast I have had the opportunity to ride many different types of bikes over the years. My site recommends the best road bicycles based on popularity, feedback and value for your buck. A great entry-level bike is the Schwinn Prelude. The Tommaso Dura Ace Is one of the most popular mid-range bicycles. The best high end road bike is the Lamborghini La Dolce Vita. I urge you to check these out before buying your next or first road bike.

I have been a bicycling enthusiast for many years and have ridden many different types of bikes. I put together a website of the best selling and most popular road bikes in the three price ranges based on sales and customer feedback. The most popular low priced bike is the Schwinn Prelude Road Bike. The most popular mid priced road bicycle is the Tommaso Velocita Road Bike. I urge you to check these both out before buying your next or first road bike.

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