Over 40 Muscle Building Workout

Published: 29th May 2009
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Muscle Building Workout Designed For Us Older Folks

You can start building muscle over the age of 40 but you must pay attention to a few things about your body first. With old age comes change and with change comes the understanding that we can't do the things we did as teenagers. Our recovery time increases because our metabolisms are slowing down.Just because we aren't as young as we once were should not necessarily mean we shouldn't start a muscle building workout program. It does however mean that we must modify our approach to building muscle and getting into shape.


Our diet is the first thing we must consider. Our overall health is a direct response to the foods we eat. In order to have the energy we need to fuel our workouts we must limit the high fat low nutrient foods we regularly eat It is really rather simple. Eliminate eating those foods, which are man made, eat only unrefined whole foods. After eating more fresh fruits and vegetables you will notice an increase in energy and vitality. This common sense approach to eating will continue to keep you healthy for a long time to come

Begin your muscle building workout.

Warm up Exercises

When you begin to start weight lifting it is important to start slowly. Any muscle building routines must include plenty of warm up time and plenty of rest time. Prior to each workout we must spend at the minimum 10 minutes of low impact warm up. This includes stretching and some form of cardio exercise. In order for your body to recover you must get adequate rest after your workout. It's not like when we were young and could go out after working out to all hours of the night. In order to be successful we have to learn and live by these facts.

Working out the whole body is a smarter alternative than just working out individual muscles. I prefer to use machines and body weight exercises because I feel it gives me the best chance of success without fear of injuring myself. This decision should be based on your overall physical condition. If you feel that free weights are a good fit for you than you can tailor your program for that. I advocate only working out three times a week at the beginning. On your off days you should do cardio work that will help develop your wind and endurance. You can do as little cardio as you like, it is just important that you do some.

Snap A Picture

Do you want a great incentive? A before and after photo is a great way to evaluate your progress. Keep these as a reminder of where you were and where you are heading. This will motivate the people you love to get into shape as well. The transformation will excite you when you see the change you have made in such a short period of time. If you stick to it and stay motivated you can change your body for the better.

Use a program that compliments your individual body type. A fat burning, muscle building program is what I use to achieve the results I'm aiming for. At 40 years of age I am in the best condition of my life. You can do it there is nothing stopping you.

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